Daniela Salcedo

“I heart everything that I see and I see everything that I heart.” 

It was a decision my eyes made since I was a little girl.  I had the ability to see a heart where people would see a simple cloud in the sky.  Through a subtle Irony, Daniela Salcedo lets you see the world with edginess and a delicate lens were these opposites come together to form an urban yet so romantic universe.  
When someone wears our jewelry I want them to feel confident, looked at.
They know they are the center of attention and they act like it. What I want the most is for people to feel powerful when they rock a huge pair of earrings withfancy heels or in the center of a metropolitan city with the cool sneakers of the moment.  Like my team and I, people that are part of this DS universe are always aware of small details, they are moment collectors. Daniela Salcedo is much more than jewelry. It´s a universe composed of contemporary quotes, of colors, of breathtaking spaces and cool people.  

Today, I communicate what my eyes see through jewelry pieces, tomorrow,it can be through a book, a scent, or a pair of sunglasses, who knows.
Written by Daniela Reyes Vanegas